Welcome to my personal web page. It's not much as of yet, and - extrapolating on the history of the site - will continue to be a sorry excuse for a web site. (the internet archive will tell you that, since 2001, the contents of this web page has mainly consisted of the text "espen.dk"...)

The short story...

As of August 2007 I'm a Ph.D. student in the PLS group at ITU working on the CosmoBiz project. The aim of the project is:

to provide formalisations and implementations of business process languages supporting mobile and adaptive business processes which support the needs of mobile workers and impact the future commercial business process management systems.

source: CosmoBiz web site

The primary goal of my Ph.D.

will be to undertake research in formal semantics of higher-order mobile business process execution languages and develop prototype execution engines

source: CosmoBiz web site

Before ITU, I was a masters student at DIKU where I also got my bachelor's degree in computer science.

I'm a casual climber and kayak polo player with no ambitions, aside from hanging out (pun intended) with my friends and maybe get more buff... ;-P

Last, but certainly not least, I live with my beautiful wife Lykke whom I married on August 23rd 2008.